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Calgary NW Residents Love Dalhousie Family Chiropractic

What Our Patients Say…

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Dalhousie Family Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please contact the office if you have any questions.

No More Pain Medication

After sustaining a serious injury to my right shoulder and neck due to overstretched ligaments and strained back muscles, I can honestly say Dr. Kricken has helped tremendously in restoring mobility to my arm and preventing frozen shoulder from setting in as well as any further damage to the rest of my spine. His adjustments reversed the cycle of pain and inflammation I was experiencing and I have since regained full use of my right arm. I am no longer needing any pain medications and can function again with more flexibility than before. I sleep better and feel more confident knowing that my overall physical and emotional health has improved a great deal.
Thanks, Dr. Mike! :)

Carol C.

Back Pain and Neck Pain

“I had back pain and very significant neck pain to the point that it was unbearable and made sleeping difficult. The neck pain was 90% gone after my first adjustment. Subsequent adjustments not only essentially eliminated the pain but even eliminated anxiety attacks that I had been struggling with for years. It has been an immense relief to be free of these problems. I rely on the Chiropractic adjustments to maintain my quality of life.”

Roneel A. – Calgary, AB

Lower Back Pain and Leg Numbness

“I was living with lower back pain and numbness in my leg leaving me anxious and concerned. (After several months of treatment) the numbness is gone and the pain is lessened. I am also now much more conscious about my posture throughout the day. I am very pleased with the improvements and able to pursue a more active lifestyle without concerns. I feel like I am taking care of my back instead of taking it for granted.”

Peter Y. – Calgary, AB

My 8 year old Daughter had Lower Back and Leg Pains

“My 8 year old daughter had lower back discomfort and leg pains. She also had anxiety. Since receiving her adjustments the leg pain is gone, she is sleeping better and her lower back is much better.” “I myself had middle back discomfort and occasional neck strain. In the past, I would see a Chiropractor at the time of symptoms of neck strain and would see improvement for a while but never went long enough to improve my back pain. Since coming here regularly, I have noticed improvement in how far I can turn my neck and am much more comfortable in my middle back area. I am also much more comfortable on my pillow at night!”

Ingrid D. – Calgary, AB

Shoulder Pain

“My shoulder was so sore I couldn’t move it and it interrupted my sleep. I also had a lot of lower back pain. After several treatments the pain was gone and I was able to move my arm and shoulder without any difficulty. My life has also changed regarding my back. I am now able to do anything as long as I am careful. Dr. Kricken has given me a new lease on life.”

Bunny W. – Calgary, AB

Fractured Vertebra in my Spine

“I had fractured a vertebra in my spine in the past and was still suffering discomfort and tight back muscles. I was feeling discouraged as I wasn’t making further progress prior to seeing Dr. Kricken. Since the treatments I have relief with more energy and am better able to function in day to day life. I have an overall better sense of well-being. I am very positive about the results and forever grateful.”

Susan L. – Calgary, AB

Chiropractic has helped me for 40 years

“Chiropractic adjustments have helped me tremendously over the last 40 years. Now at the age of 83 with some lower back discomfort, the adjustments are keeping me mobile. Thanks to Dr. Mike.”

Ingrid Z. – Calgary, AB

Whiplash Injuries

“I have had significant relief and healing from my two whiplash injuries. With chiropractic care my life in general is happier as I have relief from aches and pains in neck, back and hips and the general sense of malaise I had. My mood and general sense of well-being has been enhanced. I also feel my general health and immunity is improved.”

Linda J. – Calgary, AB

Pins and Needles in my legs

“I had pain and ‘pins and needles’ in my legs as well as neck issues from previous years of playing sports. I was not able to sit or drive for more than one hour before my legs would bother me, affecting both my job and quality of life. After starting Chiropractic treatments, within a short period, I noticed a big change. The leg pains and numbness was eliminated. My neck stiffness was greatly alleviated. Also my strength increased and I had more energy. Thanks to Dr. Kricken my quality of life has greatly improved and I now run 3-4 times per week, exercise and golf without any pain! Thanks Michael.”

Lynnal R. – Calgary, AB

Pain and Immobility

“I had suffered with pain and immobility on certain days leaving me disheartened as I like to hike, garden and walk my dogs. With the adjustments, the difference is like night and day for the better ~ I can now enjoy all of the above. Without treatment on a regular basis (once monthly), I could not live a full life.”

Kim B. – Calgary, AB

Hip and Shoulder Pain

“I was suffering with pain in my right hip and between my shoulders and tension in my neck. I was tired as I couldn’t sleep properly. I was stressed and fed up. My pain has been significantly reduced, my stress levels are lowered and sleep patterns improved. I am now much more agile.”

Marie C. – Calgary, AB

Overall General Soreness

“I was living with overall general soreness, aching in my hips and legs and major pain in my back, neck, shoulders and arms. I was limited to spending 80% of my time in bed and I felt that this would be my permanent state for the rest of my life. After a few months of treatment the general soreness was gone and the constant neck, arm and shoulder pains is now non-existent. I do not have to spend the day in bed and I can do most everything!!! Dr. Kricken’s treatment has been a lifesaver for me. I have gone from living with total inability and despair, to living a completely normal — do what I want — LIFE!”

Heather C. – Calgary, AB

Constant Pain

“Thanks to Dr. Kricken’s program of Spinal Decompression and adjustments, I went from being somewhat immobile due to the constant pain, to playing hockey without any back aggravation in a relatively short period of time. Thanks again!”

Marvin N. – Calgary, AB

Very Thankful

“I had severe pain in my lower back from a childhood injury. I was unable to sit, stand or walk without extreme pain. I was very discouraged and unable to concentrate at work or enjoy the company of others. Since receiving spinal decompression treatments I am now able to walk, stand and sit without pain. I can even put my own clothes on now, which is very important to me (ha ha)! I am very thankful that real help does exist.”

Mitch W. – Calgary, AB

Diagnosed with epilepsy

“I started coming to see Dr. Kricken 13 years ago when I was diagnosed with epilepsy. The adjustments alone were enough to keep me seizure-free for 11 months without medication. After the first adjustment I began to feel better, had more energy and was able to think more clearly. I have now been seizure-free for 3 years largely due to chiropractic! I can honestly say that this has changed my quality of life.”

Lindsay M. – Calgary, AB

Neck Injury from a car accident

“After a neck injury from a car accident, I turned into a chronic pain patient. This was not the vision I had for my life. I suffer from debilitating migraines that knock me off my feet. Migraine medication has limited effect. I actually started to go to Dr. Kricken to help with the pain that had now spread to my back. Then I found that when I was ‘on the verge’ of a migraine or ‘coming off’ of a migraine (if you’re a migraine sufferer you’ll know what I mean), Dr. Kricken knows just what to do! Within two hours of my treatment, I’m back to normal and I can get on with my day! Wow!! Now when that happens, I just go to Dr. Kricken and say ‘I need a little of your magic’ and he knows just what to do. Thank you Dr. Kricken!”

Corinna F. – Calgary, AB

Chronic Headaches

“My teenage daughter had chronic headaches and we weren’t sure what type of treatment to pursue. Our pediatrician could only offer pain management (drugs). I appreciated Dr. Kricken’s receptionist’s (April) sensitive and caring approach in response to my hesitation. She easily accommodated our schedule.”

Chloe’s Mom – Calgary, AB

I Feel Relieved

“I had chronic headaches that constantly wore me out and made me feel nauseated. Sometimes I could barely turn my head. With treatment I went from having headaches everyday, 24/7, to barely any. I felt more relaxed and could participate in many more physical activities without feeling sick. I feel relieved and stress-free.”

Chloe L. – Calgary, AB

Severe Neck Pain

“When I called Dr. Kricken’s office I had been suffering from severe neck pain, headaches, low back pain, fatigue and insomnia. I was sick and tired of not feeling well and of suffering. Since receiving adjustments I now have no headaches, no insomnia, better posture, more energy and enjoy an overall better feeling. I am very positive about the results. It has helped me at work and in my everyday life.”

Sydney S. – Calgary, AB

Muscle Spasms

“When I first called your office I had muscle spasms in my lower back and right leg and headaches due to neck pain. These problems meant I could not work, drive or sit/stand comfortably. I was always taking tablets for pain. Since correcting these problems I now choose to come once per month on a maintenance program. I don’t have to take pills to manage pain any longer. I am also able to do more, exercise more and be more comfortable in general. I feel great and get relief with general chiropractic care before things get out of hand.”

Dell F. – Calgary, AB

Pains in my back, neck and shoulders

“The pains in my back, neck and shoulders were awful and I complained about them all the time. Since being on a program of care, the pain is gone now and I am able to function 100% better. I can do my job better and I don’t get as sore during the day. I feel fantastic about the changes. I wish I had come to see Dr. Mike sooner!”

Gavin N. – Calgary, AB

Muscle Spasms

“My first experience with Dr Kricken’s office surprised and excited me. Dr Kricken was such a pleasure. He is warm, caring and encouraging. He gives you hope and helps you to really engage in becoming well and staying well. He is gracious, thanking you for being there, and makes you look forward to going again. My back started to get better on day one, and is now fully recovered. I entirely credit Dr Kricken for my initial recovery, and now for my improving overall health as well. I’m so glad that I took my friend’s advice to see Dr Kricken, and have since told dozens of my own friends and family to see him.”

Doug S. – Calgary, AB


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